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martes, 29 de marzo de 2022

~Getting ready~

Being a woman in a men's world isn't an easy task, society has so many beauty standards and stigmas that somehow has been pre-established for years. I wonder who created them? why do we all have to follow it? but most importantly is it right or should make us happy in any way? Idk.. 

I'm a sour candy so sweet and then I get a lil angry baby♫

By the way I want to address something, I think we should all be thankful to Secondlife's creators for THEY are who has made possible a wide variety for us (community) to express ourselves and give our avatars personality and such, without them we would only be blank empty dolls. So please be respectful and kind to them after all they are real people just like us with an amazing ability to create diverse content that adapts for every style. 
I never take lightly when someone badmouth, bully or mistreat good hard-working people for some mistake or minority. If you by any chance had bought a product and then see anything you dislike please always, always, ALWAYS try speaking to the creator directly first with "respect"  and try to place yourself in their shoes as well. It must not be easy to take an idea and portray it to Secondlife, it takes hours sometimes days and months of hard non-stop work, it takes energy out of the person to keep looking every flaw and try to perfect the product and also their resources so next time better read first their description or suggestions about the product before you buy something and if you buy it don't forget is at your own risk!

Ezekiel I hope you find some sort of comfort in my words and know that regardless of envious, poor manner and small mind people, there are more good people who supports, respects and love you for who you truly are. Also I told my girls to join my cause so wait for some posts to be done and links being sent your way. I am honored to know that you're a kind creator that I've encountered, so please stay strong and keep going on dear! ♥


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