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lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2018

Entrance no.344

And as I was walking by I stopped and waited in the place we agreed to meet. You should accomplish the compromises you made for it shows character and responsability and that you are a reliable person. So I patiently waited for you to come in the meantime I just stared around.

Iconic - Cynthia [Hop & Shop Event Gift]
Oxide - Emi Earrings [Hop & Shop Event Gift]
Compatible with classic and mesh bodie: Maitreya. Comes in 5 standard sizes for 
classic avatars: XS - XL. Includes alpha and slink high pumps. (not shown on image)
Rowne - Jai Classic Pumps [Hop & Shop Event Gift]
Bauhaus Movement - Blur [Hop & Shop Event Gift]
*Note: There's four sims on this event, can't recall which one is Bauhaus at but I placed a less transitted landmark sim for you people to be able to teleport.

LUXE PARIS by Mika Palmyra & Parisian Skytower.

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