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martes, 12 de junio de 2018

Entrance no.274

Strong, confidence women are sexy or so does some men thinks and say. After all I believe there's people full of self-confidence and there are those who pretend to be full of confidence. We're all humans and we have emotions and feelings within us, I have both sides the confident and strong one I show before people on a runway and the naive, insecure one when I'm on my own. Which one are you?

Murray - Greta Hair
Sorry for the hair but the brand is under construction and the hair isn't on marketplace.
Compatible with classic and mesh bodies: Maitreya - Belleza - Slink - TMP. Comes in 5 standard sizes for classic avatars: XXS - L.

LUXE PARIS by Mika Palmyra & Parisian Skytower. 

Destination: Backdrop City - Lifestyle & Misc.

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